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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Pharmaceutical Thirteen (ie #16)

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Prescription Medications JEN is or has been on for migraines

I started thinking about this the other day when one of the moms in my group said, "Hey, Ms. Pharmaceutical! Can you look at my prescription for my migraines and tell me what you think of it?" Scary when that's one of the ways you're known in the homeschool community! ;-) I did know about her medication, as I'd been on it before, which really didn't help with my "I don't really know that much about prescription medications" argument... Hee hee!

So, I decided to dig deep and think of the medicines I've used over time for my migraines. These are all presciption medications I've used over a period of time, or had administered to me during episodes when I've gone to the ER with my migraines. I didn't list the 6 billion ones we tried that didn't work, or anything you can buy without a prescription (ie there's a lot of interesting information now about magnesium and its relationship to migraine, so many migraineurs, myself included supplement with that.)

The Preventatives-These you take every day to prevent a migraine attack:
1. Topamax
2. Atenolol
3. Nortriptyline (and various other things related to these)

The Abortives-These are taken once an attack has started, to help it go away:
4. Zomig-tablets and nasal spray
5. Imitrex-nasal spray and injection
6. Maxalt-tablets
7. Reglan-Actually an antinauseal, but can help a lot when it all gets going
(and many of the other triptans)

Analgesics and others-Painkillers and mixtures including painkillers:
8. Midrin
9. Butalbital
10. Vicodin
11. Demerol
12. Dilaudid
13. Ultram

Migraines can be a real mess, and are far more complicated than most people know. I know I didn't understand, even though I had them, until mine became debilitating, hitting 4-6 times a week. Fortunately, my new neuro and I seem to have found a pretty good system and I don't need nearly so much stuff, and can totally avoid the heavy hitters. There are many migraineurs out there on unbelieveable amounts of medications, who get very little relief from them.

There you have it, my Pharmaceutical Thirteen!

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Oh my - that makes me almost grateful for the pathetic little headaches that most of us get! My first Thursday Thirteen is up.
My mother used to get those total wipe out migraines, fortunetly I didn't inherit that tendancy.

My TT list
i take no drugs at all, i don't even drink caffeine, but i'm not plagues with migranes. i'm doing the 13 today too.
Had Migraines from the time I was 13 till my late 30's. Was told mine were hereditary as most females in my family also suffered with them.

Took Midrin, Demarol, Vicodan, Valium, and finally when the injections came out, I found my cure. The shots were much stronger back then I think. I rarely ever have one anymore so maybe I FINALLY outgrew them, lol.

Happy TT!
I have had 2 migraines in my life, and I honestly thought my head was bleeding it hurt so much. I remeber laying in bed trying not to cry. Definately not fun!

My 13
I once had a low grade bladder infection that last two years and about 15 trials of different antibiotics that didn't get rid of it. I finally discovered that large doses of Vit C throught the day did the trick and it never came back!

I hate headaches! I get them too. I wouldn't call mine migraines but I do get "auras" with them and sometimes I get an aura with no headache!

Got my 13 up too.
That's quite a medicine cabinet! I try not to take anything for anything, but I know that migraines are not to be messed with. :/ My 13 are up!
I get migraines, too. People who get "headaches" don't understand. It is the scariest thing sometimes when they are really bad. My 13 is up.
Migraines are def not fun, but My 13 are up Ms. Pharmaceutical!
On Maxalt right now.
Can't believe you have been through so many medications.
Migraines bite it big time.

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello
They put me on Nortriptyline for my TMJ...that stuff really messed me up! My leg still twitches from it!
Luckily I've only had 2 middle brother used to get them all the time...I don't know if he still gets them or not.

Thanks for linking me up already. And thanks for showing me how to knit last night too. I think I'll check that site you posted for how to cast on and try with my needles today...after blogging of course! :D
I feel soo lucky that I don't suffer from migranes. My mom does though... I'll pass the list on to her.

Got my 13 up!
hehe... guess I should put, my TT is at
Ugh, migraines! I'm so glad I only get them once in a while now and they can be releived by Imitrex!
I take Axcert for my migraines, it does pretty good.
Oh, so sorry. They sound like hell on earth.
Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Do you think I need to check some of these out? Maybe I'll go on line and check some, then I can ask my Doc about it.
I truly understand you pain! I deal with migraine type headaches every single day of my life. I have Pseudotumor Cerebri and Arnold Chiari Malformation...not to mention TMJ which is the least of my headache factors.

They're terrible...debilitating...painful...useless. I sympathize. I'm glad you've found a new neurologist that works with you. That's so important. I've fired so many, but am glad to have the ones I do now.

My 13 are up.
Thank you so much for the special linkage, Jen! I think it is really important and these are really nice people.
My TT are up
Hope you feel better! Here's mine!
I used to get migraines all the time but after my stroke in 2004 I haven't had any, strange isn't it. I'm sorry you've suffered with them. My list is up. Take care of yourself...
Do any of the preventives really work? My mother is a migraine sufferer-she has horrible ones that put her out of commission for days...I'd love to find something that would help her. My 13 are up (I'm new).
Wow I am sorry you have been through so much with migranes! I hope that they get better for you. I had them when I was pregnant and they were aweful. I am sorry :(

My 13 are up
Geez Lady!

I had no idea. I guess I should count that as another thing to be thankful for. I only have migraines on rare occassions. I am so sorry that this is not the case for you.

this is very useful information. I'd keep this list and inquire about them with my doctor. my migraines are not so debilitating and are only trigerred by certain situations. i can still "avoid" it. this list will be handy if i get to a point where it gets too much i guess.

i also have Thursday 13 up:
If I have headaches, or any other sickness, I cant take medicine immediately because of my medicine allergy. I do hope you're feeling better this weekend.

Have a great one :)
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