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Saturday, March 11, 2006


After 2 years of piano, Maya and Sage have decided that it's really not their bag, and they'd like to try something else.

After going through all of the options available to kids in our area, they announced they'd like to try Taco Dough. It took some doing, but we finally realized they were referring to the venerated martial art. Get it?

Who knew we'd end up bilingual, we know both English and Twinspeak.

Oh dear...I hope my twins don't decide to twinspeak in Amharic!
That is hilarious. Taco dough! Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?
ROTFL that is adorable.
LOL, so will it forever be referred to as "Taco dough" in your house?
That's so sweet! It's funny how kids change their minds about things like that. My daughter is currently taking a tumbling class, and now she wants to quit and play soccer.
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Took me a minute too
Taco Dough sounds like cooking Mexican food. It's a departure from piano lessons.
Maybe after Taco Dough, they could come over to my house and have some toe-fu.
I would strongly encourage them to stay in piano, even if they dabble in something else.

Taco Dough... sounds like they have a cold.

I took Taco Dough when I was in grade school. I would have made yellow belt, except I was too shy and would not do the yelling part when you do all the kicks and punches at the testing(no belt for me).

Hope your kids do not have that problem! (the not afraid to yell part) ;)
oh that's cute!!

my mom said my sis and i couldnt' even consider quitting piano until it was paid for. i have no idea how long that took, but i had lessons for 7 years.
Well there are a lot of other kids that they know taking Taco Dough. Maybe they are hoping to be in a class with their friends?

Bummer about the piano though...that cudda led to a career...I don't know what Taco Dough leads to.
My husband wants to learn Taco Dough too!
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