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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I found the camera!


This is our camper right after we set it up, in a brief respite from all the rain. You can see what I mean about the campsite being treeless. One of the ladies camping with us said, "It's like being on the moon!"
EMSP-The Back of the Camper

So, as I told you, there was a lot of rain. I couldn't really get a good photo of it, so this will have to do. Imagine, this was our view probably 80% of the time:

So we spent a lot of time goofing off inside the pop-up. Here are the kids trying to pass some time around the table (which, of course, doubles as a bed):
EMSP-Kids around table

As you can see, Fritos can be good diversion even when they're not used as food:
EMSP-Tiernan Frito Face

And here are a couple of shots of Davin and I enjoying Pop Tarts:
EMSP-Davin and Pop Tart


EMSP-Jen and Pop Tart

So, I can't wait to get back out with my family, and hopefully less precipitation! And, I found my Stephen King book and my purse, too, and finished up all the laundry, so I think the horde is officially as back to normal as we'll ever get.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

We're back!

Camping was great, but people are starting to talk. They're saying that my family is a jinx! Just because every time we go camping, it rains... Hmmm, I guess maybe we could be a jinx.

We went to Eleven Mile State Park, and it was really nice. I mean, it rained HARD most of the time, but the campground was neat and it was so cool to be able to walk down to the lake from the campsites and fish! Not that we caught any fish. We used bait from the fishing store, and miscellaneous stuff like McD french fries from the car. So, in this very small study, the expensive bait didn't work any better than nasty old french fries! The folks camping near the vault toilets were very friendly and they told us they caught a fish using marshmallows.

The campground there is a little odd, in that there are NO trees. In fact, I think you'd have to hike a good hour or so to get to a tree. It seemed to be sort of a high desert type area based on the plants and wildlife, ie lots of sage and tiny little wildflowers, but no plants taller about 4 inches high. All of the trees were in the surrounding mountains. That was kind of nice, because as we found when arrived, it's BEAR country. I hate camping with bears, just hate it. But, given the lack of trees we figured we'd see any bear coming for MILES and have plenty of time to get away.

The pop up did GREAT in the rain. There was a little seepage through the walls, but not enough to make us have to move things or sleep in different areas. The rain was hard enough at times to sting when it hit your skin, and many of the tents started flooding from beneath (oh how I know THAT experience!) so I think the pop up is going to work well for us.

I can't find my camera, so I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. I also can't find my purse, or the book I was reading, The Regulators, which especially stinks because I was just getting to the good stuff. Poo.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Delightful!

I just wanted to update before our camping broken crown is on its way to being fixed. I have a temporary crown now, and there wasn't anything too creepy when he got in there.

He was a little concerned at one point, and he said, "Well, that's weird!" It ended up being nothing, but I gave him a little talking to. Well, it was less of a "talking to" and more of a "slurring at" because I was numb, but he agreed with me anyway. I told him that when you've got a patient who's already half crazed and having delusions that there are aliens in her teeth, you should NEVER exclaim that something's weird!

Instead, I said, he should just loudly say, "Wow, that's just DELIGHTFUL!" Then the hygienist would know that something is up, and the patient (me) wouldn't become overly freaked out. So, they did it! From that point on, they said things like, "We have to put some of this medicine on your gums. You'll probably find that it's very DELIGHTFUL, but we'll rinse it out soon," or "Sorry, I'll get that DELIGHTFUL piece of the crown off of your tongue for you." You should try it, it made the visit much more pleasant!

I go back on the 15th for the permanent crown, and I'm sure that visit will be DELIGHTFUL, too. I'll fill you in when I know more.

I'm off to finish packing, then I'm heading to bed and we'll be away until Sunday. See you then!

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Broken Crown

Today I am going to have them "fix" the broken crown I mentioned yesterday. Since the crown in only a few years old, the dentist thinks it will be a quick process, and that it will probably be free. Can't beat that!

My dentist is very cool. I never used to have dental issues, but I skipped going for 6 years and when I went back there were tons of problems. It got to the point where I'm just really nervous about going in to see them, not because of the pain because they're pretty good about that, but just because it seems like every single time I go in there it's just some freaky new thing that's wrong. But, as I said, my dentist is a pretty cool guy. He thinks I'm funny, which helps, and he is very understanding when I get upset.

I don't really get upset like you might be thinking. I never cry and carry on (well, there was that one time...) Usually I just get nervous and kind of sarcastic. For instance, when I went in to have them look at this stupid crown, I didn't want him to actually LOOK at it. I was worried that he would find something really bad, like cancer or a broken jaw, or alien inhabitation or something nasty like fly larvae living in there. After I explained my worries to him, and asked him if I could just write a check and leave, he was very kind to me. He did say that I was the third person this week to ask him if it was possible that aliens were interferring with their teeth, which makes me wonder what's going on around here?

So, according to the x-rays, this shouldn't be anything awful (they would see bot flies on the x-ray, right?) I'll try to pop back in later in the day and let you all know how it went. Pray for me?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Since I blogged last...

I have
-purchased a pop up and learned how to use it
-prepared for and testified in court
-held a book discussion on The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
-rented and filled a 15 cubic yard dumpster
-taken Tiernan to the University of Colorado to let their psych grad students experiment on him (it's not as bad as it sounds, they create developmental tests as part of their studies and ask for kids from the community to come in and work with them)
-attended a Chocolate Tasting
-broken a crown on one of my molars
-in unrelated dental news...scheduled a consult for a gum graft
-and all the usual, keeping the house clean, educating the kids, etc...

So, I've been a bad, bad blogger. And, I'll be a bad blogger again later this week, because we're taking said camper out for a spin and we'll be gone Thursday-Sunday.

But, I really wanted to get back in here before you all thought I was dead. Part of my problem blogging lately is that many things in my life seem big and dreadful right now. Not with my family, they're OK, just a lot of situations around us are just breaking my heart and it's been hard to blog. And, I'm sort of a lazy person on the whole, so inertia tends to get the best of me.

So, I promise I will be in here every day I'm home for a while, because I really miss my blog and all of you!

Hugs all around, and I'll start more in depth updates tomorrow...

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday 13


Thirteen Things That Make JEN Happy :-D

Obviously my family and my church make me happy, but here I'm listing STUFF, and in no particular order :-)

1. Diet Coke
2. Sharpie Pens
3. Migraine Medicine (love the migraine medicine!)
4. LOST (how much longer until it comes back on?)
5. Campfires
6. The Internet
7. Coconut Oil for My Hair
8. Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!
9. The Library
10. True Crime Books and Shows
11. Sterling Silver Jewelry
12. Scrubbing Bubble Fizz Its (anything that makes toilet cleaning fun is aces in my book!)
13. Mr. Linky <--That says Mr. Linky. I've never used the Blue Template before, and apparently my links don't show up. That'll learn me not to try new stuff! ;-)

This is all pretty small and shallow stuff, but it can put a smile on my face, and some days that can really help!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kids Crack Me Up!

Today was our homeschool group's park day, where we meet up at a local park and let the kids get some social time.

I don't know what it is about me, but people just LOVE to talk to me. Apparently, kids do, too!

As I was walking around the perimeter of the park, one little boy rode his bike up next to me and said, "Sometimes bikes and cars run over people," and then rode off. If Tiernan didn't CONSTANTLY say stuff like this, I might have worried about this kid's home life, but as it is I'm guessing he was just making sure I knew so I could be careful.

Then, a cute little girl, who looked to be about 4, stopped me as I walked across the park. "Excuse me!" she said. "Yes?" She looked at me with deadly seriousness and said, "Um, I don't talk to strangers, so I'm not going to talk to those boys right there" (indicating a group of boys digging in the sand.) I told her that was OK, and then briefly considered tracking her parents down and letting them know that she needed a few more lessons in the whole "stranger" thing, since she'd never seen me before in her life!

I love kids, they're so cool.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We got a pop-up!

(Sung to the tune of "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, not in a mean way, but in a happy, excited way!)

We bought a 1996 Coleman Santa Fe. You can see the floorplan here if you want. We don't have the optional potty, and it's an icebox instead of a shower, but we ended up paying about 25% of what it would have cost new so I'm happy :-) I can't wait to pick it up and go camping!

Sorry I haven't posted much this last week, we've been busy blowing stuff up. Did you know that if you go to the fireworks store the day after the 4th that you can buy truckloads of explosives for almost no money? I do now! Dang, it's been great! We've still got a ton of fireworks, so call or email and we'll go out and fire some off!

So, now I'm looking for cool stuff to put IN the pop up. I'm thinking of trying to make a sun jar, doesn't that look cool?

Happy Tuesday!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Getting ready for the rest of the summer!

Hey all! I've been busy here trying to hook up with a pop up camper, get a roll off dumpster (to clear off the garage so I have somewhere to keep the camper), and just keep the house clean and the kids fed and educated.

Also, I signed up to do a craft swap on Craftster. I've never done one before, but the theme for this one was "Beatlemania," and I couldn't let it pass me by (or make me cry, or make me blue...) The deal is that they pair you up with another crafter, and you make things for each other with this theme. When I get done with my stuff, I'll show it to you!

In theory, I'm getting my car back today with a new transmission. Dang, my car's had a lot of down time this year! We had to have it in to fix after Davin's accident, then again to have the brakes fixed, and now for the stupid transmission. I wish I have that sort of vacation policy!

Do you have any big plans for the 4th?

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