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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday 13


Thirteen Things That Make JEN Happy :-D

Obviously my family and my church make me happy, but here I'm listing STUFF, and in no particular order :-)

1. Diet Coke
2. Sharpie Pens
3. Migraine Medicine (love the migraine medicine!)
4. LOST (how much longer until it comes back on?)
5. Campfires
6. The Internet
7. Coconut Oil for My Hair
8. Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!
9. The Library
10. True Crime Books and Shows
11. Sterling Silver Jewelry
12. Scrubbing Bubble Fizz Its (anything that makes toilet cleaning fun is aces in my book!)
13. Mr. Linky <--That says Mr. Linky. I've never used the Blue Template before, and apparently my links don't show up. That'll learn me not to try new stuff! ;-)

This is all pretty small and shallow stuff, but it can put a smile on my face, and some days that can really help!

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a few items on my list:

1) quiet mornings
2) orange juice
3) pancakes
4) omelets
5) rain (thunder and lightning too)
6) children's laughter
7) my daughter's kisses
8) my 2nd son's funny faces
Sometimes it's those little things that get us through the day!
Happy blessings!
I'll go for 'Lost' as well!
It's *always* a good idea to think about what makes us happy!
sorry, I tagged you.
I am a huge True Crime junky, too. Any book, most any TV show (I TiVo them all).
Forensics, both fiction & non-fiction, on my list too.

I would have to add cheesecake on it as well. I like it better than chocolate!

The first cup of coffee in the AM is always the best.
I'm SO glad you have your migraine medicine.
I'm SO with you on Lost. I love that show too!!
Great stuff LoL
Thanks for your visit and comments on my post from my blog friend visitor - today we went canoing:-)
What migraine med do you use? If you love it...PLEASE share!
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