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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back with a new direction!

I had to take some time off from this blog because it was getting boring to me. Not that the blogging is boring, I just felt like all I ever did was write about being busy, what we did today, blah blah blah. While that can be an accurate view of my life, it's really just not very interesting if you're not in the middle of it!

So, while I was walking last night (6 miles!) I started thinking. I decided I was going to blog less about the blah blah blah of my life, and more about new things I'm learning, or the goings on of the world rather than just the Horde. Of course, if anything really cool happens here, I totally reserve the right to tell about it! But, when life here is blah blah blah field trip, blah blah blah pink eye, I want to have a back up.

Did that make any sense?

So, moving on...

Have you heard of neoteny? It's when adults of a species retain characteristics normally possessed by juveniles. For instance, many domesticated dogs resemble infant or even fetal wolves. There is some evidence to suggest that they are this way because we've chosen them for their "cute" qualities.

Many sources seem to consider humans to be neotenized apes, which is something to consider. Apparently we have a lot in common with fetal chimps, for instance. I'm not seeing a lot around here to indicate that humans are necessarily that much MORE developed than apes, that's for sure. Apparently we've wrecked the dogs, if nothing else!

This is the sort of stuff I think about when I'm walking. Well that and, "Why did I sign up to do this?" and "Man, I have to pee."

We won't be here much tomorrow, as it's Davin's birthday and we've got plans for almost the whole day.

See you soon!

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