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Friday, April 28, 2006

Talk about a shot in the dark!

Almost every day, I see that someone has come to my blog by searching for the name "Jen."

Jen? What are the odds they're actually looking for me? I mean, yeah, you found me, me and six batrillion other females named Jennifer.

I looked this information up at the Social Security Administration, just to be all scientific about it. The name Jennifer hasn't been out of the top 50 names in the US since 1961, and it was #1 from 1970 to 1984. And that's not counting the women named "Jenifer," "Jeniffer," "Jenna," and anything else you can shorten to Jen. That adds up to a LOT of "Jen"s out there to surf around looking for with nothing more than a nickname to aid in the search..

To make it even harder to narrow it down, we're not even the only Jen and Davin out there, what are the odds?

So, yep, here you are at "Jen's" page. If I'm not the Jen you're looking for, I wish you godspeed as you continue your search. Do make yourself comfortable while you're here, though, one universal truth about Jens is that you can never have too many of us around...

You are always the Jen I am looking for LOL
Aw, shucks!
Cool! One of my daughters is named Jennifer. The other is Erin.

Have a great Friday!
LOL, there are always a bazillion (Yes, according to my children that IS a number) "Mike and Sheri's". Heck there are even a few websites out there The XXXXX Homeschooling family (Our last name) that aren't us.
Having been born in 1970, there were always several Jennifers in my class. And Michelles. I was the only Jana, though.
Thanks for the Fun Jen Facts. I have a daughter named Jennifer, but she goes by Jenn. A distinction without a difference, I guess.

Probably I'm not the only cube in the blogosphere.
Hey Jen, Jen called me this AM re: her coop...and Darly Jen is still asleep! LOL!

But when I click on Jen's're the only Jen on my mind.

How do you find out how people are finding you???
Yes, a very popular name! I have 6 friends named Jennifer/Jenifer/Jenn/Jen!! :)
I actually found your page from the T13 list! :)
Love your header! Reminds me of my family!!
Hey! You're a Featured Blog at the TT board this week! Woo Hoo!
You mean that's not YOU who used to be married to Brad Pitt???????

If those who are searching for Jen come here, they will find Zen for their weary souls. Amen.
I don't have a Jennifer (or a Jen) anywhere in my family. We're all weird though. I bet that guys still clicking through his search results...
I think you are the jen I am looking for since you didn't leave a website or email on my comments. No, I know you are and comment all you want. I am so insecure that no one is reading me that I constantly check my stats. It's an addiction
We're waiting for our 4th child and haven't figured out a girl name if so, but I think Jeniffer would be a good one ---
happy Friday!!
back to the band practice :)
I decided against the stats...I don't think I get that many hits anyway and knowing it might be way to depressing.
Over on Xanga, I have about 5 Jen/Jennifer/Jenn's on my sub list. I always have to stop and say, "Now how does she spell her name?" when I'm commenting.

I'm one of 3 Lori XXXX in the US, and I don't have a very common last name, which is very freaky. I'm in the process of trying to cut ties with my stepfather and half-sister and I'm hoping it'll be too hard to find us if we move to another community and make our phone number unlisted. I don't think they'd go to the trouble of searching out my blog.

And I'm babbling. I'm going to go play Neopets and go to bed!
I don't know about never having too many around; my husband's ex is a Jen-something and we could do without her. But then again, my best friend/cousin is also a Jen-something, and without her my life would be much less. So thanks for tipping the balance in favor of the good "Jen"s. I always enjoy visiting you and your horde.
What are the odds of another Jen and Davin. Davin's not a common name is it?
<<< another 70's Jennifer here!!! I seem to collect Jen's in real life as well - because several of my best friends are Jennifer's too!!!!
I was born in 1967, in Australia and Jennifer was not common. 2+ years later and the Jennifer boom hit....It just means I can exagerate my youth slightly LOL
So are you an Unternahrer or your hubby is? You mention it in your timeline blog.
Actually, neither. My mom married into the Unternahrer family when I was already grown. They're really neat people, though, so I'm glad I get to hang out with them :-)
I am an Unternahrer from Iowa. I googled myself and found your site. Just curious.
My mom is in Iowa, too! You probably know each other. :-)

I'm leaving to go camping, but email me and I'll get back to you later this week. hipmama1970 at gmail dot com
I called my mom, and she's pretty sure she knows you. She's married to Clarence in Ainsworth. :-) Email me!
Ah geez!! Yep, I know Linda. I am the one who did the family cookbook. Small small world!
I LOVE that cookbook. You rock! :-) I'll have to meet you when I'm out there next.
There were a lot of Amy's born in the '70s, too. I was always glad my mom at least spelled it funny.
Dear Jen,

My name is Michael Crow. I was a senior at Centerville High School in Centerville, Ohio a little over a year ago. I was part of a special program for students wanting to get into Early Childhood Education. One of our assignments was to write a children’s book. I am also very involved in Boy Scouts so I decided to write an informational book on the subject of caving. The book has many pieces that can be manipulated for younger children as well as glow in the dark paint on some of the pictures.

While exploring the internet for pictures to include in my book I found a picture of your fish in your aquarium.(The blog was 04 01 archive.html) It is a great example of the type of fish that might be found in a cave and I would like to include it in my caving book.

The rough draft of my caving book received rave reviews from many of my teachers and my English teacher told me I should have the book published.

I have decided I want to pursue having the book published and I must have your written permission to include the picture. Please let me know if you will give me permission to use the picture of your fish? If yes, I will need your mailing address so I can mail you a letter to be formally signed with your consent. I will include a self-addressed stamped envelope. I would really appreciate your help by allowing me to include your picture in my book.

I look forward to hearing back from you as I’m very excited about the opportunity to have my book published.
If you would like to contact me my e-mail address is And again, I would really appreciate your assistance.

Thanks aginn,
Michael Crow
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