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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's Delightful!

I just wanted to update before our camping broken crown is on its way to being fixed. I have a temporary crown now, and there wasn't anything too creepy when he got in there.

He was a little concerned at one point, and he said, "Well, that's weird!" It ended up being nothing, but I gave him a little talking to. Well, it was less of a "talking to" and more of a "slurring at" because I was numb, but he agreed with me anyway. I told him that when you've got a patient who's already half crazed and having delusions that there are aliens in her teeth, you should NEVER exclaim that something's weird!

Instead, I said, he should just loudly say, "Wow, that's just DELIGHTFUL!" Then the hygienist would know that something is up, and the patient (me) wouldn't become overly freaked out. So, they did it! From that point on, they said things like, "We have to put some of this medicine on your gums. You'll probably find that it's very DELIGHTFUL, but we'll rinse it out soon," or "Sorry, I'll get that DELIGHTFUL piece of the crown off of your tongue for you." You should try it, it made the visit much more pleasant!

I go back on the 15th for the permanent crown, and I'm sure that visit will be DELIGHTFUL, too. I'll fill you in when I know more.

I'm off to finish packing, then I'm heading to bed and we'll be away until Sunday. See you then!

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Bye-bye, Jen! Have a delightful time! :)
Hey Jen, saw your comment on my blog---I moved my blog! New address: For some reason the "I moved my blog" post isn't showing up first on the old blog, though, so you probably missed it.

Have fun camping! I hate the dentist.
DH probably still has some temporary crowns in his mouth...I wonder what the difference is? LOL! Glad your dentist experience was Delightful. ;)

Have fun camping...I'm so jealous!
Enjoy your camping trip, Jen. Good wishes.
I wish you the loveliest, exciting, relaxing, joyful and fun camping!
Have fun. Enjoy your blog break!!!
How's your delightful crown doing? Isn't it nice when the trip to the dentist turns out to not be as bad as you were anticipating?? (That doesn't happen often at our house... but I really appreciate it when it does!).

I hope you blog about your first trip in the new camper (this was it's maiden voyage wasn't it?), I can't wait to hear how the pop-up worked out.
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