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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broken Crown

Today I am going to have them "fix" the broken crown I mentioned yesterday. Since the crown in only a few years old, the dentist thinks it will be a quick process, and that it will probably be free. Can't beat that!

My dentist is very cool. I never used to have dental issues, but I skipped going for 6 years and when I went back there were tons of problems. It got to the point where I'm just really nervous about going in to see them, not because of the pain because they're pretty good about that, but just because it seems like every single time I go in there it's just some freaky new thing that's wrong. But, as I said, my dentist is a pretty cool guy. He thinks I'm funny, which helps, and he is very understanding when I get upset.

I don't really get upset like you might be thinking. I never cry and carry on (well, there was that one time...) Usually I just get nervous and kind of sarcastic. For instance, when I went in to have them look at this stupid crown, I didn't want him to actually LOOK at it. I was worried that he would find something really bad, like cancer or a broken jaw, or alien inhabitation or something nasty like fly larvae living in there. After I explained my worries to him, and asked him if I could just write a check and leave, he was very kind to me. He did say that I was the third person this week to ask him if it was possible that aliens were interferring with their teeth, which makes me wonder what's going on around here?

So, according to the x-rays, this shouldn't be anything awful (they would see bot flies on the x-ray, right?) I'll try to pop back in later in the day and let you all know how it went. Pray for me?

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Actually Bot Fly larvae won't show up on an x-ray...they don't have any bones. ewwwe!
But I doubt that mosquitoes got into your mouth. LOL

I'm sure you'll be fine.

I never used to have a problem with the dentist until this year's root canal fun. Now I kind of never want to go back again. I hope everything goes smoothly!
I went to the dentist today as well, but just for a polish.
Sending good dental vibes your way (we can call use an overload of those)
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