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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Getting ready for the rest of the summer!

Hey all! I've been busy here trying to hook up with a pop up camper, get a roll off dumpster (to clear off the garage so I have somewhere to keep the camper), and just keep the house clean and the kids fed and educated.

Also, I signed up to do a craft swap on Craftster. I've never done one before, but the theme for this one was "Beatlemania," and I couldn't let it pass me by (or make me cry, or make me blue...) The deal is that they pair you up with another crafter, and you make things for each other with this theme. When I get done with my stuff, I'll show it to you!

In theory, I'm getting my car back today with a new transmission. Dang, my car's had a lot of down time this year! We had to have it in to fix after Davin's accident, then again to have the brakes fixed, and now for the stupid transmission. I wish I have that sort of vacation policy!

Do you have any big plans for the 4th?

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Nope, not 4th plans at all. I wonder what we'll do...probably not much of anything. I should have planned something, but I didn't. Oh well. Just being together is fun.

We got to see the Frankenmuth fireworks on Sunday night before we went to bed...that was cool. I think we can see the ones that Parker is doing from our house...that will be cool if we don't have to drive to them.

loved your got to get out post. ha ha I know the feeling when my car is being held hostage.
Sounds like you are really busy getting ready for the summer - hey; relax and have fun:-)

Plans for the 4th of July: Well Spare Ribs are served at my new blog home!
I am also getting ready to "step off the cliff" and get a camper. We've been thinking about it for awhile and it's time. The kids are getting older and before I know it, the chance to spend time on family trips with them will be gone.

Wait...was that out loud? HA! It almost sounded like I meant to take the kids with me on a vaction! But I digress...

Thanks for turning me on to the Craftster site - I'd not heard of it before!!!
We had a 4th Celebration/breakfast at church, saw some cool WWII planes, and nearly lost our Punkin. All at once. Was able to work while TM took care of the kids, so that was a nice vacation. Watched fireworks on the computer like the geeks we are.

How 'bout you?
The craft swap sounds cool... You always have such great ideas for crafts, I can't wait to see what you decided to do!

You can see what we did on the 4th on my blog. You also need to check out my blog because I've awarded you something...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Back from vacation.
Our plans for the 4th were explosive ;-)
I look forward to seeing the creative stuff you make for this craft swap thingie.
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