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Monday, July 30, 2007

We're back!

Camping was great, but people are starting to talk. They're saying that my family is a jinx! Just because every time we go camping, it rains... Hmmm, I guess maybe we could be a jinx.

We went to Eleven Mile State Park, and it was really nice. I mean, it rained HARD most of the time, but the campground was neat and it was so cool to be able to walk down to the lake from the campsites and fish! Not that we caught any fish. We used bait from the fishing store, and miscellaneous stuff like McD french fries from the car. So, in this very small study, the expensive bait didn't work any better than nasty old french fries! The folks camping near the vault toilets were very friendly and they told us they caught a fish using marshmallows.

The campground there is a little odd, in that there are NO trees. In fact, I think you'd have to hike a good hour or so to get to a tree. It seemed to be sort of a high desert type area based on the plants and wildlife, ie lots of sage and tiny little wildflowers, but no plants taller about 4 inches high. All of the trees were in the surrounding mountains. That was kind of nice, because as we found when arrived, it's BEAR country. I hate camping with bears, just hate it. But, given the lack of trees we figured we'd see any bear coming for MILES and have plenty of time to get away.

The pop up did GREAT in the rain. There was a little seepage through the walls, but not enough to make us have to move things or sleep in different areas. The rain was hard enough at times to sting when it hit your skin, and many of the tents started flooding from beneath (oh how I know THAT experience!) so I think the pop up is going to work well for us.

I can't find my camera, so I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. I also can't find my purse, or the book I was reading, The Regulators, which especially stinks because I was just getting to the good stuff. Poo.

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It's vacation time! I'm on vacation at my parents' house in CA. I spent last week at my brother's in southern CA. On Wed, my dad, son, brother, and I start our driving trip. Family times are the BEST!!

Your camping trip sounds great, except for the rain. I'm glad your pop up worked well for you. Fishing is fun, but it's even FUNNER if you catch some. :-)

My gallavanting will cease on Aug 8th. I hope you continue to enjoy the summer.
Glad you had a good vacation.
I don't think that you attract rain. I mean it never rained during the daytime when we went camping at Bear Creek...and rain would have been good for the time we went camping with the hippies. LOL!

I'm glad you're luvin the pop-up! I just had a cool idea for our next camping trip to try out. LOL! I wonder if the park ranger would give us a hard time if we tried to have our tiny tent attached to our big one and then a sun shade up too (they usually only allow 2 tents.) hummm... worth a shot. Worst case they make us take the one down...right?
I always wanted something like that when my kids were smaller!
I had a great time - I really did. And luckily we didn't flood either :)
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