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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kids Crack Me Up!

Today was our homeschool group's park day, where we meet up at a local park and let the kids get some social time.

I don't know what it is about me, but people just LOVE to talk to me. Apparently, kids do, too!

As I was walking around the perimeter of the park, one little boy rode his bike up next to me and said, "Sometimes bikes and cars run over people," and then rode off. If Tiernan didn't CONSTANTLY say stuff like this, I might have worried about this kid's home life, but as it is I'm guessing he was just making sure I knew so I could be careful.

Then, a cute little girl, who looked to be about 4, stopped me as I walked across the park. "Excuse me!" she said. "Yes?" She looked at me with deadly seriousness and said, "Um, I don't talk to strangers, so I'm not going to talk to those boys right there" (indicating a group of boys digging in the sand.) I told her that was OK, and then briefly considered tracking her parents down and letting them know that she needed a few more lessons in the whole "stranger" thing, since she'd never seen me before in her life!

I love kids, they're so cool.

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I found that even 4th graders didn't understand the concept of a stranger. We were discussing our Sunday School lesson and one of the questions was if they had ever learned something from a stranger...and none of them thought that they had. So I asked if they had ever gone on a field trip and had a tour guide tell them something...that person was a stranger. They were in shock! LOL!

I guess we spend so much time telling the kids to beware of strangers that they think that a true stranger must look strange or be bad. Sad part is the real bad people will look like the nicest folks on earth.

Even that Safe Side program shows the kids with friends of their parents who give them a funny feeling to show they can't trust just anyone.

And Jen, you're a very likable I can see everyone talking to you.
Kids do say the darndest things.
At least she had a head-start in recognizing strangers... Although I wonder if her parents should point out that usually other kids are ok; it's the grownups you have to worry about! :)

BTW--I've actually put a couple posts up, can you believe it??

PS: Has Jesus talked to you lately?? :)
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