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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We got a pop-up!

(Sung to the tune of "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, not in a mean way, but in a happy, excited way!)

We bought a 1996 Coleman Santa Fe. You can see the floorplan here if you want. We don't have the optional potty, and it's an icebox instead of a shower, but we ended up paying about 25% of what it would have cost new so I'm happy :-) I can't wait to pick it up and go camping!

Sorry I haven't posted much this last week, we've been busy blowing stuff up. Did you know that if you go to the fireworks store the day after the 4th that you can buy truckloads of explosives for almost no money? I do now! Dang, it's been great! We've still got a ton of fireworks, so call or email and we'll go out and fire some off!

So, now I'm looking for cool stuff to put IN the pop up. I'm thinking of trying to make a sun jar, doesn't that look cool?

Happy Tuesday!

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What a great camping wagon (that's what we call it in Norway!) you got! Congrats - I'm sure you'll have a great summer vacation - please keep us posted!

The firework story sounds exciting - send some over LoL
Looks like fun. Hope you & the family have many good times in it.

The idea of the sun jar is neato.

RE: fireworks, it's no different from sales held after-Easter, after-Christmas, after-Valentines etc. Smart shoppers know when to shop.
Looks like fun!
oooh! I like the sun jar idea. Might have to do that as I would like some lights for camping.

As for other ideas of what to put in the popup...I'm sure you've already thought of the dishes & towels...right? Sleeping bags & such too. That's so cool that you'll have a frig...instead of dealing with ice.

I just bought one of those drink coolers (like they use to dump the gatorade on the coach's head at football games) I was gonna put all my drinks in it and load it with ice water.
That is great! Your family is going to have such fun.
I hope you will share pics and stories from your summer camping travels. I think that thing is bear proof, so it totally beats a tent any day.
Oooh Mike is jealous! He's wanting a pop up so badly (one with AC though, of course! LOL)
*Very* sweet camper, and the sun jar looks cool and pretty easy to make. Let us know how it all works!
I think you are so way cool - even though I might be a tiny jealous :)

It is going to be a BLAST camping with you (no pun intended)
The sun jar is such a cool idea! Now I know what to do with the broken solar lights from our driveway (that people run over...I think I have 1 or 2 broken ones in the garage)

Congrats on the pop-up, I know you'll have lots of fun with it!
Hey, we just got a pop-up, too! Took it out for the first time last weekend - it was awesome!
Yea!! So you're coming for a visit, right?!?

Just out of curiosity; if you didn't get the optional potty, do you have a potty at all? Or do you just use the great outdoors?
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