New Jen's Horde

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


We've been watching Colonial House on DVD for the last few nights. It's really quite compelling, yet far less of a soap opera than Frontier House was. Although we all really enjoyed Frontier House, this may just be my new favorite.

It's fascinating to see how the religious implications of colony life are sitting with the 21st Century colonists. I am finding it interesting that the professor of religious studies and self-described liberal Don Heinz ended up being far more legalistic about Sabbath attendance than the deep south Baptist Preacher, Jeff Wyers. Wyers was concerned with how his actions would affect the colonists after they returned to their real lives, where Heinz appeared to be more interested in using the Sabbath service as his bully pulpit. It's not what I would have expected from the pair...

We just have a little left to watch, and I'm hoping it doesn't go downhill from here...

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