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Monday, September 20, 2004


Have you all seen Freecycle? It's really neat! You can check for groups in your area, and join an email list. People list things they are giving away, or things they want, and you can hook up with someone in your area who's seeking out that useless thing you're trying to unload. Or vice versa. It's all FREE. Go check it out!

I can vouch for this! FreeCycle is AWESOME! So far, we have acquired:
One totally cool, working refrigerator (get
One very comfy easy chair
One very comfy couch
One dishwasher (I don't know if it works yet because we haven't hooked it up!)
One wonderful vintage upright piano
One hands-free telephone
One not-so-nice chair (ya can't win 'em all) but it cleaned up okay and now works just fine
and One purebread black lab puppy

I have given away:

One very nice Cellini silk suit
Two Zebra Finch babies

I do plan to give more, as I have it. I guess we're more in the "need" department right now. :-) But I hope to pay it forward when I can!
Wow! I'm impressed!
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