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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Mom was my sex ed teacher

A hilarious article about a poor kid whose mom was one of the two 5th grade teachers, and the one he ended up with for the dreaded sex ed.

Excerpt: I thought somehow this out-of-changing-body experience was unique to me. But it seems my Mom's organs were the talk of the school.

When my Dad introduced himself to my basketball coach later that week, the coach laughed. With apologies, he explained himself.

"We asked David, like we do every night, what happened at school today," the coach explained. "We expected him to grunt and mumble 'nothing' as he does each night. But on Tuesday he just blurts out 'Mrs. McFeeley drew a giant penis on the blackboard.'"

I laugh, but kind of in horror because I realize that as a homeschooling mom I will have to do the "drawing of the penis" one of these least all the kids' friends and contemporaries won't be there, too...

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