New Jen's Horde

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Take THAT, Rocky!

I was searching for a squirrel proof birdfeeder today, because we're thinking about participating in Cornell's Project FeederWatch. (Thanks to Pamela, a homeschool mom, for cluing me in to this!)

I found a feeder called The Yankee Flipper which promises to keep squirrels from your bird seed. It contains a weight sensor, and starts to spin when anything heavier than a bird lands on it. Squirrels are flung off of the feeder, but birds can perch and eat in safety. The website offers video of squirrels attempting to feed and being thwarted again and again. After a while I started to wonder if they needed little crash helmets or something... I'm assuming it wasn't the same squirrel over and over. Well, I'm HOPING it isn't the same squirrel, is probably a more realistic way of putting it.

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