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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Any Fish Experts Swimming Through?

Somehow, even though I watch my soon to be 3 year old all day every day like a hawk and never take my eyes off of him even for a minute to do anything, not even to use the bathroom (yeah right) he got up on the kitchen counter and dumped approximately a 2 year supply of fish food into the aquarium.

I found out immediately, by means of the Ever-Vigilant Tri-Sister Alarm System, and leapt into action.

I was able to vacuum out the majority of the food from the gravel in three 1/3 water changes. I'm afraid to do more, because I don't want to completely suck all of the beneficial bacteria out of the tank.

I'm concerned that there is probably still more food in the tank than is good for the aquarium cycle. Should I maybe do partial water changes over the next few days to get the rest? Or, do those little white chips that you add to the filters to reduce the ammonia levels really work, should I add some of those to counteract the ammonia rise that's in the mail as we speak?

Also, this wasn't a quick process, and the fish all gorged themselves almost immediately. They all have bloated little tummies, and they're swimming around like they want to unzip their pants and take a nap, you know like Grandpa on Thanksgiving... Is there anything I should do for them?

They're not prize fish or anything, but I'd hate to have them all drop dead on me.

Thanks in advance!

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