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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Cry Little Sister

Yeah, I think I actually might cry.

This is a recent video remake of the theme song from the defining vampire movie of the '80s, The Lost Boys. It's still kind of a good song, but instead of the flashy Santa Carla boardwalk, with underlying sexual/undead tension thing going on, you get this? It's a bunch of thirtysomethings dork-dancing around in the dark, looking so lackluster that you can't help but wonder if the vampiresses make their move just because they have to hurry so they can get their babysitters home by 10?

If our cool 1987 selves could see our 2004 selves, is this what we would look like? Don't answer that...

Plus, I'm very confused because the vampires actually showed up to the "party" on motor scooters, wearing helmets. Now, I'm all for cycle safety, but, aren't vampires immortal? What's the worst thing that could happen if they get into a crash without their helmet on, nothing right? So why risk helmet hair when it's not going to do anything useful like protect them from a stake through the heart or garlic or crosses or the rays of the sun or anything? Research, people, is it too much to ask?

It would have made more sense to have them show up in a hybrid Prius (without their seatbelts on, of course), because, since they're immortal, they don't want to be crapping up the earth and leaving themselves nowhere to live for the rest of eternity. We should probably thank them.

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