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Thursday, December 02, 2004


While surfing today I came across this page about foreign body removal in an emergency room setting (don't ask why, I'm not actually sure.) It's actually pretty interesting, but the thing that kind of gave me the willies was how they described it.

Quote: Foreign body removal can be one of the most satisfying procedures performed by emergency physicians. The patient and the physician may both leave the ED with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Unfortunately, removal of a foreign body also can be a terrifying ordeal for the patient and frustrating for the physician. Unskilled attempts at removal, numerous repetitions of painful techniques, extended searches, improper instrumentation, and inadequate lighting all contribute to both patient and physician dissatisfaction.

Three times in the first paragraph they use some form of the word "satisfy" to describe how a physician feels in relation to foreign body removal. Like when the call comes in that there's a patient on the way with an imbedded fishhook or cactus spine, the doctors all get strangely stimulated, and afterwards they're either extremely frustrated, or ready to smoke a cigarette and drift off to sleep depending on how it went...

Really, I don't like to think of my local ER personnel this way. I think they should reconsider their vocabulary choices in this online textbook.

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