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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tying Shoes

OK, I'm not big into shoes with laces, much prefering my comfy broken-in hippie sandals, but I do have a shoe-tying story...

When I was 18 I moved out of my mom's house and into a roommate situation I'd found in an ad in Westword. I was the youngest member of the household by at least 7 years, and I was so impressed by how worldly my 25+ year old roommates seemed! Mind you, at the time I was eating ramen three meals a day and I couldn't buy beer, so I was definitely lacking in the "grownup" department compared to the others.

But, with all of the really cool things it seemed like they were doing at the time, the one thing that still blows me away now that I don't get carded even for sympathy any more and I can afford nutritious groceries, is the amazingly fast method of shoe tying I learned from my roommate Dave.

Imagine my surprise to find it lovingly detailed right here on the world wide web! You, too, can learn it for yourself! This guy has an entire website dedicated to shoelaces, and apparently came up with this method on his own somewhere along the way. I don't know if Ian's method reached Dave in Denver all the way from Australia, or if this is just one of those freak human ingenuity things, but it is a darn sweet method of shoe tying and well worth taking the time to learn. Enjoy!

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