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Sunday, May 01, 2005

D'oh! A Deer!


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Check out my mom's cool new minivan! Within 48 hours of buying it, she hit a deer that was apparently trying to jump over her (much easier to do there in Iowa than it is here!) Even though she sustained this kind of damage, she kept control of the vehicle until she could pull over. Then my step-dad proceeded to drive the van home 60 miles LIKE THIS! People in the midwest are made of much sterner stuff than we are, I'm convinced. Mom is feeling fine.

The deer, on the other hand, did not fare nearly as well. No word yet from the deer community where services will be held.

OMGosh!!!!! Was it a female deer?! *clears throat* At least your animal "victim" can be properly "laid to rest." Our squirrel had to hope that things would..."come out better for him in the end" if you will....*moans from the audience* Really--I'm glad ev1 is okay. The scarfs are adorable!!!! You could make some doe (dough) with those...xoxo
Oh man, pun city! Very nice!

I hope everything comes out OK in the end HA HA with the squirrels. Sheesh!
Do you have any of the pics of Dad's jeep in the lake? That would be great to post as well! :)
Oh man! No, I don't. The best thing about that incident was the accompanying text... I wonder if he has that on file somewhere.

For those of you who aren't in our family, Dad was outside of his vehicle when it rolled down the hill and into a lake. It wasn't long after Titanic came out, so people kept cracking "Jack and Rose" jokes, and the first time Dee (our step-mom since we were teeny) got into a car with him after that she brought an ENORMOUS purse. When asked about it she claimed it was her "floatation device."

Dad, if you read this, I need to you email me photos of your car being removed from the lake, and also of the toaster fire (as a follow up of my dryer incident.) Love you!
Jen, are you still awake, or are you up really really early?
Arg, both.
Oh geez!! Glad they werne't hurt!
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