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Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Don't stop mourning. Don't be comforted. Keep on crying."

That gave me chills.

Those were words spoken at the funeral service for Precious Doe, an unidentified child who was brutally murdered and left by the side of a highway in 2001. Police now believe they know her name, Erica Michelle Maria Green, and have arrested her mother in connection with her death. Her mother has confessed.

I can't imagine that's really all that comforting, or that people will stop mourning now, but at least she has a name.

How awful!! Strange they didn't mention what charges the stepfather is facing, considering he's the one who actually did the killing?
I just thinkthis entire situation is so very sad. And sometimes people just make me sick....

I am glad she has a name now, I hope her "parents" are brought to justice.
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