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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How cool is this?

Reconstructions of King Tut's head based on CT scans.

On the side view, it seems that his skull is an odd shape. I notice skulls A LOT now after Tiernan's total cranial vault remodeling surgery to correct his sagittal synostosis. I wonder if King Tut's skull abnormality resulted from something postmortem, or was a form of positional plagiocephaly caused by sleeping or clothing customs of the time, or if it's completely normal and I just look too closely at this sort of thing?

I think this is so neat!

That's really cool!
Umm... sorry, trigger finger. That's cool cause they showed the same thing over here on Sky--Fox and Sky, sitting in a tree....
Just kidding.
No, seriously, I went to officer training with that guy!!
My son underwent complete cranial reconstruction in January (2nd attempt) to correct his cranial synostosis. I completely agree with noticing complete stranger's skulls, you just can't help yourself.
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