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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jack, meet Gopher. Gopher, this is Mr. Ripper...

Ok, no one's claiming anything about The Love Boat being involved in this (although after any many more Charo episodes with the "Cuchi cuchi!" it might well have been a welcomed diversion aboard the Pacific Princess) but there is a new theory that states that Jack the Ripper may have been a sailor.

I do wonder, and it's nice to see that people are still digging.

Interesting... The last theory I read about dear old Jack was that he was an American doctor. But of course the brits would want him to be American! :)
hey you watch it, if we say he was an American doctor, then he was an American Yanks and your wannabe empire!
Hmmm, are we a little touchy? Perhaps since about 1776 or so?
I know, we have never gotten over the fact that the rest of the world joined forces and took our land away. I'm surprised you guys don't talk Spanish and exchange gifts with the French, wait a minute!
In the immortal words of Otto from A Fish Called Wanda, "If it weren't for us, you'd all be speaking German right now! Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles!"

He also said, "I love robbing the English, they're so polite," which may be why everyone, ALL OVER THE WORLD, has stolen land from you.

The sun's been setting on the British Empire for a good looooooong time now. Get used to it.

Love you, Scott!
But....and this is the important bit......Our little biddie country..for 200 hundred years, We had an Empire, you are still trying to build yours!!

Love you too Jen!
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