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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Check out The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form!!!!

They are attempting to render a limerick for every word in the English language. Apparently everyone is thinking of the sort of limericks I am, because the statistic on the front page says "13924 Limericks, 5328 Approved." Oops!

They're clear through the A's, and when they say every word, they mean EVERY word. Here's their entry for azoospermia, ie the absence of sperm (spermatozoa) in semen:

Your azoospermia means
There are problems in passing your genes.
It's a medical term
That's applied to your sperm:
They are missing-in-action marines.
by Mephistopheles

Greetings Jen.
I'm glad you found our insane project.

As a mark of respect to the limerick author (mephistopheles) and in order to comply with the doctrine of fair use under copyright law, could you please include the name of the author in your post?

Thanks in anticipation.
Absolutely! I didn't notice there was an author attached to each one. Thanks for straightening me out :-)
Oops--bad Jen!
That's pretty funny! Missing-in-action marines--don't let dad see that! :)
LOL! This is funny... will have to check that out.... :)
I forgot to tell you...that was quite cool...I'll have to go check it out (But if I post I won't infringe on any copyrights! HA)
Hey! I'm semi-famous! Renee

By Dave Jermy

Averse used to mean turned away
Or backward, as some folk may say,
Like the face of my wife
When I swore on my life
'Twasn't me that she saw with ReneƩ.
Ooh! And good job giving proper credit on your first try, too!
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