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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Simplicitee hee hee!

Oh, MAN!

My Mom is an excellent seamstress. Because of this fact, I grew up with tons of clothing and craft patterns around. I'm not kidding, Mom really could make anything. (warning: language) brought some of those memories right back to the surface! The unmistakeable "pattern" art combined with sharp and witty commentary had me laughing out loud! This one nearly made me pee...

Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.

Oh that site is GREAT! But I really like the skiier in the green ski duds...I swear, looks just like a Will Ferrel Character from SNL.
That is tooo funny! Great find, Jen!
(didn't we have some of these???)
Jen, I thought this was hilarious. I enjoy visiting your blog.

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