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Saturday, May 28, 2005



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Modeled by the lovely Davin, who likes them very much, and who brings up the extremely important point that I am grateful he is not a centipede...

HOLY LONG JOHN SILVERS BATMAN....Those socks are awesome. You know my birthday is coming up in July...
Wow! Congratulations Jen! They look great and you are AWESOME!
First I forgot to sign my name to the previous's me Renee.

Second, how many of the kids want a pair? ;o)
Oh those are MUY COOL!! Let me know when you start taking orders...I'll take a pink striped pair! :-)
oooh, pretty! Can I have some too?
Tell Davin I said shexay legs!
Yes, I'll make you all a pair. At the rate I'm going you'll all have to stay on my good side well into 2007...

Thanks for all of the kind comments :-)
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