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Monday, May 30, 2005

Solar Umbrella House

I have a fascination with unusual architecture. I don't know why, because I'm perfectly happy in my cookie cutter suburban home, but I do like to look at interesting buildings.

The Solar Umbrella House dropped my jaw. It's brilliant in its simplicity. Designed after a similar home in Florida, this California home incorporates a sun-shielding "umbrella" made of solar panels. It's one of those ideas that's both radical and "DUH!"-inspiring at the same time. Really, why haven't people been doing this all along?

I wonder if we'll see more buildings designed this way now that the idea is out there? I hope so.

Hmm...I don't think solar panels would do CRAP in England!
No, you're probably right. I think you'd have to stick to places that get a good amount of sun. I bet this design would do well in CO, though!
Hmmm...that's pretty interesting. Back in ca. there was someone who had a house covered in dirt. ( I know there's a name for it..but can't think of it). Anyway, all you could see was a roof sticking out of this dirt hill...
There are houses built partially underground. Some of them are called earthships (if they are all made with recycled tires and such). I don't see why most of CA and a good number of Western states have not encouraged more solar. It is perfect here.
Good JOb! :)
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