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Friday, June 24, 2005

Bissell Steam Mop, Heck Yeah!

I don't know if you all have seen the Bissell Steam Mop Bare Floor Cleaner but it is really cool! Ok, technically it's hot, but you get my point.

You can watch a video at the website and see how it works. I'm not the world's best housekeeper, and since we've been doing the disaster cleanup in the bathroom things are even farther behind than normal. The steam mop just zipped across the kitchen floor like it WASN'T covered with 3 day old nacho cheese with bits of cereal and paper in it :-0

'Nuff said.

Is Amazon the only place that has it for that price? (I know, do my own google search!) Just being lazy.

Maybe DD will be interested enough to do the floors for me. ;) A gal can dream...right?
My kids fight over it, so she might really like it! Even Tiernan can manage it, but I have to watch him because it really can get very hot...
How are the floors Jen? Were they hard to lay? To line up?
We're still painting, a little at a time at night. So, we decided to give the floors even longer to dry (just in case) and not put them down until we were done painting. So, long story short (too late!) I don't know yet.

I'm a little nervous, still.
Sure, get me all excited about this and I can't even get it over here!! I may have to send you some money to mail me one. Amazon won't send it here.... :(
Maybe you can pick one up when you're here for your surgery? If not, I'll get ya one!
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