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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

BTK Pleads Guilty

Dennis Rader chose to plead guilty rather than go through a trial which he said would only end in his guilt. One wonders if he did this just to have the opportunity to regale an audience with his exploits, though, since he really seemed to enjoy himself, and even corrected the judge at times.

I think that the son of his last victim, Jeff Davis, described the performance best:

"It struck me as if he was giving us a lecture in serial murder 101, because he's not human and has no soul or conscience...He's up there kind of cavalierly describing how he had his 'hit kit' with him and how his 'projects' were proceeding."
Rader can not be sentenced to death, because Kansas did not reinstate the death penalty until 3 years after his last known murder. The District Attorney hopes he will receive a full life sentence for each case, served consecutively.

If the District Attorney gets her wish, Dennis Rader's sentence will be 175 years to life.

I suppose that it's a sin to pray for someone to get a sentence that's 175 years long.

But I can pray that justice will be done, as I'm sure that God will see to anyway.
And I'll pray for the families too, of course.
I don't think it's ever wrong to pray for justice, and then let God sort it out.
Serial killers are a different breed. The mind has fascinated me for years and I've read shelves of true crime hoping to get into that head. Someday science may figure it out.
I beg all of those not from the state of Kansas, to pretend this man is from outer space. He grew up in Kansas. I just can't see how he escaped capture so long...all the while taunting the police. He will be in jail the rest of his sicko life. I only wish jail was a place that was a living hell...Then maybe the word would filter out, that jail and prision were someplace to avoid. Crime would go down. But the ACLU and such will never let us deal with the scum like scum should be deatl with. Again, there are millions of good Kansans....
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