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Monday, June 20, 2005

Fondue or die!

It went well, but MAN that's a lot of chopping and a lot of clean up! I'm still doing dishes, 3 dishwasher loads later, with no end in sight...

The house did not burn down, and everyone has the same number of eyes they started with, so I consider the party a success!

Fondue is sooooo good!!! :)

Though I rather make them during autumn/winter.
Never made fondue before. I've eaten it though. Yum.
I'm glad everyone survived with all their eyes and appendages, and that there weren't any frantic ER trips! Sounds like fun--we might have to do that sometime... Do you have an actual fondue pot, or did you use a crockpot or something?
Have you ever been to The Melting Pot restaurant? We have one in Knoxville, but only go on really special occasions...
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