New Jen's Horde

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

horde-n. (hôrd): A large group or crowd; a swarm

Please note the name change :-)

Love the family photo! :D
That's great Jen! v. v. cute!
Just looking at it again, and I think you've hit it right on the money--different, yet not presumptuous or ugly. And I really do love those pics! I miss you all! :(
I like your horde! Btw: I agree with you about the "better late than early" view on education..

I'm a public school teacher and for the past 20 years I've seen us go from nurturing a childs natural cognitive development and curiousity to FORCE FEEDING FACTS as fast as the kids can take them.. sometimes faster. All this in the name of progress. sigh....
Wow, thanks for the "insider's" view, Nancy!
Thanks for all the praise everyone! I'm glad it turned out well, it was fun :-D
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