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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I don't anticipate needing this again,

but I think this news is pretty neat!

I had amniocentesis done with both Anya's pregnancy and Maya and Sage's, but not until the end. We used it to determine why I was in preterm labor with Anya and to check lung maturity and see if I could give Maya and Sage the pitocin eviction notice at 38 weeks. So, this new test wouldn't have helped me, but whatever helps women avoid a six inch needle in the uterus is OK by me!

Once they find some way for me to have fun in the conception, then someone else to carry it for nine months and deliver it I'll have kids...till then I'm sticking to the plants I have that are yellowish brown.
I don't anticipate needing one either...mostly because I love disappointing my Mom... She got so bummed out because I didn't get an amnio with my last/only pregnancy.
I shudda told her to have the needle! Of course she no longer has her uterus!
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