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Saturday, June 11, 2005

I don't get this

There's a gang of underwear thieves out there. They don't steal underwear, that's just all they don to go robbing. According to this article, "They apparently wear only underwear in an attempt to make themselves harder to identify."

Maybe I'm stupid, but I think most people would be a lot easier to pick out in a lineup if they had 80% MORE of them showing. Unless, of course, we're talking about Michael Jackson, in which case the underwear would cover the "blemished" part that cost him $20 million...

In my best Barbarino imitation: "Wha? Where? I'm so confused."

Like, really, really confused.
maybe they need to steal some clothes?
Just surfed in on BE. :)
I thought that was rather odd too. I get the part about oiling themselves up so that they are harder to catch and maybe the underware part has something to do with that as well. Ya can't grab him by his collar if he isn't wearing one... but saying two suspects wearing white undies works just as easliy as two in jeans & t-shirts. Unless of course you organize a HUGE underware party on the same night.
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