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Friday, June 10, 2005

If there were an Oscar for "Best Fart Scene"

Robots would blow the competition out of the water (so to speak.)

OK, we may be the last people on Earth to see this movie, but with four kids we were saving our money for that other big movie. Sue me.

Oh, good, then I know my boys will love it! Remember that scene in Scooby Doo? You can't explain why farts are funny, they just are.
You can console yourself, I haven't seen Robots yet, so you are the next to last person to see it. I did however go see Star Wars on day 1.

Found your blog while surfing through Blog Explosion.
Don't feel bad about not having seen it yet. Our family is waiting for it to come out on video (otherwise we would never get to see anything!) Too pricy to go to a theater.
We haven't see it either Jen. We just don't go to the theatre... the last time we went (Lilo & Stitch) DD spent the whole time with her hands over her ears. Poor thing.
She wants to go see something that's out now though... I should check the listings... we've got nutin goin on today.
We always wait to see movies at the dollar theater (which is $3, but it actually includes food so it's a screaming deal).

We saw Star Wars on the day it opened only because we had free tickets from a radio station. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure we'd still be waiting.
OMG! I am SO blogrolling you!! I have five kids, 4 who are at home with me now, and I'm about to lose it! Glad to hear that yours are as goofy as mine. I'm a teacher, so I'm not used to this SAHM thing...I hope to learn from you!! LOL...
Aw, thanks, SK!

We saw it at the $2 theater, which is not only cheap but very forgiving towards 3 year old boys...
I SOOOO need to get Amelia into movies--she could definitely win the Fart Oscar...
Apart from Star Wars, I recommend Madagascar when it makes its rounds to the cheaper theaters. There are some theaters that even have summer movie camps that show older, kid friendly movies for a couple of dollars or even free.

"Piper. Rhymes with Viper." That cracks me up.
Haven't seen either. Dad always takes the kids to the movies before I can. :( I'll get around to it on DVD eventually.
The movie theatre ban is over. Today we went and saw Madagascar and loved it! ...We like to Move it, move it!... I took ear plugs for us. Chrissy took hers out after a few minutes. I kept mine in. Guesss I'm a bigger wimp.
That's an interesting idea. Humans can certainly competite against robots... just need to eat lots beans.
Ugh, I hated Robots.
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