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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm afraid I would S-U-C-K at this!

The National Senior Spelling Bee

Well, I guess I do have 15 years to practice....

You never know! :)
I don't know. I'm pretty decent with the "regular" words, but then they pull out the $10 ones and I'm lost...
Awesome! I thought my spelling talents would go to waste in my old age!
That's pretty cool! Although I would have a tough time there I'm sure, as my spelling is pretty terrible. But hey, you get 3 chances.

And Jen, you knew how to spell bananas ;o)
Knowing how to spell words nobody uses...I have finite brain space...
thanks for your vote in Battle of the Blog. ;)
i love spelling bees!
i won one once in 4th grade. (that was a funny sentence)
Well, Carrie, hang on and you can be in this one!
can I bring a pencil and paper?
I can't spell in my head. Like your site!
Oooh, something to look forward to when I'm old and crusty! Do they get extra time to spell cause of memory problems?
I won 3 years in a row in grade school...does that make me really geeky? LOL would love to do this, maybe my homeschooled kids can help me prepare!? tee hee
Wow, I'm going to start watching for some of you out there, then! Just let me know...
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