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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Julie's blog today reminded me...

Earlier this year, when we were explaining to the children how things they learned now would help them when they were adults, Maya (7) was feeling cantakerous. Everything we suggested she might want to do as an adult, and therefore study now, was not of any interest to her that day. Finally, she threw up her hands and said, "When we grow up, all we want to do is sit around all day and fart and watch Monk!"

That's it, Maya, aim high!

Way to go, Maya! :)
HAHA Well tell her that if she wants to watch any tlevision AT ALL in any kind of a residence resembling a HOME she (or her spouse) is going to have to do something resembling work to earn money to pay for that home and television and cable/sattelite TV subscription. So either way, she STILL has to do her schoolwork, and get good grades or she will be working so hard she doesn't have time or energy to watch TV when she gets home. =)

We homeschool our 4 children also. I know how it goes!

(Yes I realise that "grades" is translated quite differently in a homeschool setting, where most families don't actually administer letter grades per-se. Please interpret the generalization as it seems appropriate for your household. =D )

I figured what you meant, Sparkling :-)
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