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Thursday, June 02, 2005

School's Out Forever!

This year, our three year old son, Tiernan, attended preschool through the local school district because he had a demonstrated speech delay. His pediatrician was pretty sure it was because he'd had a nasty bout of recurring ear infections, but it may have also been caused by the surgery to correct his sagittal synostosis, so we didn't want to mess around.

Today was the last day of preschool, and we had a meeting with his teachers. They recommended another year of preschool because they believe he's still a smidge behind, but after many questions we were able to figure out they aren't worried that he has any sort of developmental delay. He's just not academically on their track for kindergarten. Woohoo! We're not really concerned if he's literally a few months behind today's super-stressed, early academics, cram-schoolers. He won't be going to their kindergarten anyway. From what we've read and learned with our older children, there's no need to rush. (BTW-Homeschoolers, is it possible Better Late than Early is back in print? I hope so!)

This year was a great experience for him, and it really did seem to kick-start his speech. I don't regret taking him at all, and he loved it! But, they want him back for three days a week next year, and that's just so much considering we can provide most of the same services at home. They may be able to offer one hour a week of just speech and articulation therapy, and we would consider that, but next year there's really no need for him to go away to school.

Woohoo! School's out forEVER!!!!!!

Yea! Way to go Tiernan! We have got to get you and Liam together to have a little gab fest
WooHoo Tiernan!! And WooHOo Jen too!
HOORAY!!! Congrats on finishing pre-school Tiernan (and Jen)!!!
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