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Monday, June 27, 2005

Timelines are fascinating!

I find the idea compelling that a timeline can capture a period, almost like a snapshot, and allow you to turn it over and over and examine it. We can lose context so easily when we study history, and a timeline makes it easier to understand where each bit of information fits in. I think that's why they always draw me in, no matter what the subject.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's website includes an interactive Timeline of Art History. It's worth taking a look at, if you're at all interested in this sort of thing. You can search by artist, time period, art style, or area of the world.

I grabbed some pictures from the website to compare what people all over the world were doing right around when time cranked from B.C. to A.D. Check it out!

North America:
N. America Human Figure, 2nd century B.C.–1st century A.D.

Mexico Figure Vessel, 3rd–1st century B.C.

South America:
Peru Ornamental plume or pin, 2nd century B.C.–2nd century A.D.

Balkan Peninsula Statue of Eros sleeping, 3rd–2nd century B.C.; Hellenistic

Egypt Head attributed to Arsinoe II, Ptolemaic Period, reign of Arsinoe II, ca. 278–270 B.C.

South Asia:
South Asia Plaque with the goddess Durga and attendants, Shunga period (ca. 2nd–1st century B.C.), 1st century B.C.

Japan Storage jar, Yayoi period (ca. 4th century B.C.–3rd century A.D.)

There is a LOT more information there to look at, go see for yourself! There's even a whole section on Pablo Picasso!

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So cool!
Very cool! I love museums.
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