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Friday, June 17, 2005

Why people should stop letting me take surveys

I take surveys whenever I can. I enjoy telling people what I think, I can't help it. When they add rewards like points or prizes into the mix, you'd have to hire security to keep me away.

Today I was asked to watch a commercial for a major toilet paper brand's new wet wipes. The commercial showed the toilet paper and the wipes, and then a bunch of cute couples. The big selling line was, "Some things just work better together."

Then they asked me this question: Other than to get you to buy or try the product, what was the one main point of the commercial?

I replied:
The main point of the commercial seems to be that X-brand toilet paper just isn't enough anymore...

I mean really, aren't you basically telling us that your toilet paper is going to leave us with unsightly hygienic nastiness? That's why we need another product to clean up AFTER the first product you're trying to sell us? Would you try to sell me a car with a scooter on the back for when the car just doesn't get the job done? This is a baaaaaad plan.
If you see this commercial, you'll know they didn't listen to me (they never do...)

LOL Jen! I am so with you on the surveys. I'll do just about all of them AND THEY NEVER LISTEN TO ME! I tell them their product is crap or their commercial sucks and they still go with it anyway. Oh well as long as I get my points or cash or free stuff I'm happy. But just once I would like to see them take my comments to heart.
That is funny. You wonder why they do those surveys and ignore them. What do you think?

Thanks for commenting on my site.
Well, if you do a survey and they ignore your advice you may have just been in the minority. Or you may not have been a strong enough majority to make them change their minds..
There is probably some kind of 12-step program you could try. The first step is admitting you are addicted...I think I need to vist BA (Bloggers Anonymus) sometime soon.
gaaa! Marketing! I've worked for two marketing companies. Personally, I don't get it. Why do I need people to come up with ways to make my life easier when I didn't even think it was hard in the first place? Then they have to sell it to me, shove it down my throat, make some stupid commercial about it...shutting up now.
i just wish they'd put out a product that would deal with the copious, purposeless usage of toilet paper by men. How on earth do they go through twice as much?

I personally do surveys to skew market little karmic contribution
thordora, I don't think you can lump all men into the uses way too much tp catagory.
I have know a man who seriously used 1/4 of the roll for each (how do I put this nicely?...) seating. And I know of a man who counts out the squares. I'm guessing it's all on how they were potty trained.
Oddly enough I recently completed an in home research project on TP... I've no clue what brand it was (couldn't find it in the store) but it worked just fine! :D
My brother Jared, may he never read this blog, is a MASTER at using too much toilet paper. One time he used an entire roll at one "sitting" (as Renee says.) He's also known for taking 45 minutes to an hour to "sit."

I'm guessing that's a fiber problem, but even though I'm his older sister, I'm not quite his grandma so I'm NOT going to talk to him about that sort of thing...
And that's why I love you!! They probably chased you down on your way out and offered you money---and then introduced you to Jesus.

BTW Jen, Mark is MUCH worse. Visiting me...he's had to borrow the NEIGHBOR's plunger to deal with his TP issues...not saying another word.
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