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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ant Farms are great!

Ants in my kitchen, not so much...

I sweep, I mop, I put down poison, I cry, nothing stops them.

Did I miss something in the Holy Writings that said a plague of ants would be visited upon the Denver Metro Area shortly before the Second Coming? Should I look for boils, or possibly locusts next?

My mom has a fool-proof solution, handed down to her from her mom (and her mom before her, etc).
Cinnamon on the outside of doorways and window cills.
And it smells good too.
Humm cinnamon to get rid of Ants? I wonder if that will help for spider mites as well?

Worth a shot and can't hurt...unless the dog starts licking it up! LOL

Sorry Jen, I hope they take their leave soon.
I was over run with ants too until I left a glass of arizona green tea with ginseng out. When I came back the glass was full of dead ants. Don't know why but it kills them everytime, but it smells sweet enought to lure them in. Hope it helps!
Have you tried vinegar? We spray it (watered down) around the perimeter or the house, keeps 'em out.
what about flies? i have more flies in my house this year than an ethipoian village! thank you reading my crazy blog :-)
Okay. I put down some cinnamon. Let's see if this helps our ant problem too! :)
borax baby, you need borax

Ants must die, but butterflies need to live on forver. :o)
Well, I super cleaned again, and put down a different kind of traps. And I'm still praying. I already tried borax. I'm afraid that cinnamon, being a food product, will just make things worse. I'll let you know if the locusts or frogs appear, or if the rivers turn to blood.
HA! OKAY - I too will post my "tried and true solution": 10% Bleach solution. I spray it on everything... it doesn't stop them forever, but a couple of times a week (the kids smudgy fingerprints need to wiped off at least that often anyway!) and it seems to work. ANTS SHOULD DIE, DIE, DIE!! LOL.
Ants eh? You know, ants turn up to eat other bugs... I know we had a lot of ants around and it turned out they showed up to eat the termites...
raid out door ant baits. place them where they are comming in. It will take a couple of weeks but it does work. Look like little plastic nails with big heads on them. Also over and out for the yard works wonders for the whole yard.
Formula 409 kills ants like nothing short of quick. Plus you can use it to clean the floor and counters where they are running around! ;)

However it is scary how fast they croak and I use this stuff almost every day (while pregnant). Anyway, it keeps them away over here. :)
I know the feeling sister! I stopped grocery shopping, because the ants just won't go away. I thrown away hundreds of dollars of food, and my landlord has the insect people come every Friday, but it's still ridiculous!!!

I try clorox, 409, Raid, FIRE!! Everything-- these little bastards are aggressive.
I have heard that if you have an ant hill outside to pour uncooked grits on the and it kills the ants.

They eat the grits, and once it rains, grits expand, and they [the ants] explode!!!! Kill the little suckers!!!
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