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Friday, July 15, 2005

Haiku in honor of lawn decorations

Streamers in my trees
They even used the good stuff
It's the quilted kind!


I wasn't able to attend our homeschool group's monthly "Teachers' Night Out" gathering last night. Apparently it came to me. What a bunch of nuts!

We were also amused to note that, among other graffiti, my sidewalk proudly proclaims to all passersby that we're "Too Cool 4 School!"
TP-Too Cool 4 School

Thanks ladies, I feel loved :-D

You still love us, right???
Of course! :-)
I'm glad you still love us. I'm also willing to come by and clean up.
- You're welcome!

It wasn't my idea...seriously (although I did pick which paper to use :o it was on sale! )
We were talking about all the bad stuff we did as kids and Ellen & I confessed that we had never TP'd a house before. Well then Sara gets a wild hair and decides that we should do your place.
We tried to change the subject, really! I swear!
I didn't do very much because my roll got caught on top of your van. (don't I look sweet here? ;o)
lucky you!
LOL! Oh my! I assume they are coming to help clean right? Oh wait...surely the kids cleaning it up can somehow be rolled into a school lesson...
Hey in highschool my friends and I "polka dotted" a teachers house with contruction paper. Meaning we cut out circles and taped them to her house. The problem with that? It rained that night and her house was permanently dotted red and blue.
Quilted? You must really rate!
We offered to come over and clean up, but Jen & the kids had it all done (before most of us got up this morning!)
She's been really sweet about it. Too sweet in fact. I should keep my blinds open this evening, huh?
AH--I had a similair incident--it rained that night--GOOD LUCK!
that is hilarious! at least your car didn't get tp'ed and rained on ... i hear that's even harder to clean up.
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