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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mt. Evans


Mt. Evans is an easy drive from Denver, and inexpensive ($10/car.) It's also the highest paved road in North America, ending above 14,000 ft, so it's worth a trip! This puts you at about the same level as Mt. Everest base camp, where people who hope to summit begin their acclimatization process.

We found these neat trees in the krummholz area.


They're bent over like this because the winds blow so hard there near treeline that branches can't grow evenly.

Here's a shot looking down at treeline.

ME-Looking down at treeline

SNOW! We love high altitude, you can play in the snow in July!

ME-Snow in July

We've never learned the name of this little lake. On one trip, Davin christened it "Lake Waydownthere" and the name stuck!

ME-Lake Waydownthere

Here are the kids in Summit Lake At 12,830 ft about sea level, their verdict was, "Brrrrr!"

ME-Kids in Summit Lake

These are some neat mountain goats we found at the summit.

ME-Goat and baby grazing

How close were they? Close enough that we could get TWO climby-beasties in this shot! I'd be willing to bet Tiernan can climb anywhere these guys can, especially if there are breakable things up there!

ME-Tiernan and goat

And check out Maya, Anya and Sage at the summit! At this point Tiernan had completely had enough and was hanging on my leg crying to go home. The picture turned out remarkably well in spite of that, don't you think?

ME-Girls at summit

At this point we left. The kids were cold and out of breath and we were all tired. Not a bad homeschooling day!

I 8 the sandbox!
Cool! Love all the pictures!
That looks like so much fun. Clint and I may have to go there.
Wow!! What an amazing place! I wanna' go there next time I visit my sister. I think she lives a few hours away.
I love Mt. Evans! I've always loved going up there. I think the lake is Echo Lake (or am I confusing it with something else?) Did you guys get to feed the wee beasties?
Julie, Echo Lake is the one right where you turn to get on the Mt. Evans road, this little lake is just a really small one way up the mountain :-)

John and Katy, if you get a chance you should go! It's really great!

Laura, thanks :-D

Superman, from my experience, when people eat sandboxes, it makes for some nasty and hard to clean diapers. Hope everything comes out OK!
Great pics!! And adorable kids.

So you homeschool in summer? A lady at my church does as well.

Like I mentioned I'm pretty positive we'll be homeschooling my 15 y.o. I'm a bit nervous, as my life is crazy enough as it is.. lol

I was wondering about our schedule.. as in..will I homeschool in summer etc?
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