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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Powerful Stuff

PostSecret started as an art exhibit in Washington D.C. The artist asked people to write down a secret on a postcard and send it to him anonymously, and he would collect and display them. The secrets had to fit two criteria, they had to be true, and they had to be something you'd never told anyone before.

Some of them are frivolous, like "I ate all the blueberries (and they were delicious.)"

This one "I won't eat dinner at your parents because their house is filthy" just cracks me up, because you KNOW the backstory to this one without having to read another word...

Some just are nasty, "I almost never wash my hands after using the toilet."

Many of them, for instance, "The drink that is slowly killing me is the only thing keeping me from killing myself." or "When I was little I would wish upon a star For my dad to die," just make you want to weep.

The most chilling and intriguing one (to me) simply says, "Everyone who knew me before 9/11 believes I'm dead."


Via Pure Serendipity

I couldn't find the 9/11 one, but my 'puter was being picky too. Some of those were so sad. Some just made me shake my head.
The 9/11 one is actually in the article. :-)
The boogers in the soup one is darn funny.
thaoist...I wonder what he did to deserve the boogers?

I get pretty mad at DH, but I've never been that mad.
I've probably been that mad, but boogers are just icky and I try to keep some dignity in our relationship. I certainly wouldn't want that done unto me, you know? So, I don't know exactly what this husband did, but I'm sure many husbands have done something equally bad and have been saved from this fate just because their wives wouldn't do something so disgusting, and not because they're perfect. KWIM? ;-)
So what your saying is I should stop with the boogers to help mine and Sean's relationship?
Oh! That Post Secret place is addictive.

I agree about the 9/11 one. I thought about that one for a long time when I first read it.
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