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Friday, July 29, 2005

Yeah it's sad and all,

but wouldn't it be worse if the bullet had hit someone who wasn't already dead?

A dead woman lying in her casket was hit by a stray bullet during a wake in Rio de Janeiro and mourners fled in panic, police said on Wednesday. "This is just too sad. My God, to get shot after death," Extra tabloid newspaper quoted da Silva's sister, Maria de Lourdes Pereira, as saying.
Like I needed another reason to be freaked out during funerals. Not only do I have to worry that this will be the exact moment that cosmic rays hit the earth and Grandpa will sit up and start to feast on human brains, but now I have to be on the look out for stray bullets, too? Unfair!

Update: Davin was reading over my shoulder, and he said this could have been a good thing. Maybe the cosmic rays came right at that moment, and turned that woman into a zombie, then the bullet killed it and saved the mourners.

I said that would work only if the bullet hit her in the head, but the bullet hit her in the pelvis. No dice.

I think we need to get out more, or maybe just rent more edifying movies...

I'm guessing that since they took the time to figure out where the bullet hit her, that the funeral was not finished at that time. What a waste of money! Oh well, it's not my money.
That's very sad that the funeral was interupted, but from the article it seems pretty common for there to be shoot-outs quite frequently there. (remind me to not travel there for a vacation!) Maybe that sister needs to read Stiff! he he ;o)
I figured it out for you... the cosmic rays hit her and stuck a zombie baby in her and then poof she got shot in the pelvis.. Evil abated! lmao
Thanks, Kristina, I feel SO MUCH better now! :-D
Wow....I feel like I have crossed
Perhaps more edifying movies would be a good idea...seen Sean of the Dead yet? Looks intersting enough, perhaps it explains the whole zombie, shooting (wouldn't it have to be a silver bullet? OH wait, that's a werewolf...) thing.
Yeah, we saw Shaun of the Dead, that's even what I was linking to in that sentence :-) We have a problem with zombie movies around here...
A dead person doesn't mind being shot or stabbed or blown up. It's the family that doesn't take it very well. I love the zombie stuff!
lol, Shaun of the Dead was quite the movie, but honey, I'm afraid it made a bit of an impression on you....

Thanks for stopping by my site today!
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