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Friday, August 19, 2005


Headline: Diaper Sparks Bomb Alert

We've had a quite few "diaper bombs" that cleared rooms like that. But, the squad in this article didn't have regular reciprocal sibling vomiting to deal with. Also, I'm pretty sure they would not be equipped to handle a Triple Excrement Blitz, which we had to decontaminate quite frequently after the twins were born and before Anya was trained.

Ha! Too funny!
I can relate to the vomiting thing. My son has such a trigger gag reflex. He's better at controlling it now, but when he was little, we would have to stop the van for him to puke if he smelled something nasty or if we talked about anything gross.
Triple diapers!! Horrid!
Laura, glad you liked it!

Jamie, all of my kids are like this. I think they have a defective valve or something. I can't explain it...
A defective valve? That's funny!
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