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Saturday, August 06, 2005

How's this for annoying?

My power steering is making a horrible sound, and we can't fix it. Not because we don't know a reputable mechanic, or because we're out of money or anything.

It's because we can't open the hood. It's not just us, the mechanics can't get it open, either. They took the grille off and everything! Apparently, the cable is fine, but the hood latch is jammed and we have to take it to the dealership. Hopefully they can open it without having to do something horrible and expensive to it (more expensive than the initial charge of actually using the dealer for repairs, I mean.)

It's a 1997 Dodge Caravan, and it's turned that corner from being a good reliable car to doing the equivalent of parlor tricks like "Stump the Mechanics" when it gets the chance. Ugh.

YIKES! Well our purple 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan (yikes) is making a really weird rattling noise and we can't figure out WTH it is?! But otherwise, it's been an awesome car.

Hope you get the hood open!! I was wondering what that sound was the other day ;)
Oh YIKES! I hate taking my car to the dealer...not only because they charge way too much...but they take way too long too.
I always get my car back from the mechanic quicker than the dealer.

I'm so sorry your van is acting up and not letting anyone look at it. That stinks (I hope it doesn't really smell 'cuz that would be another problem!)
Jen, In England we have a tool which always works, it's called a hammer, all good hardware stores sell them and all good tool sets have at least one!
Oh man! I am so sorry. I hate it when cars break.
It's the 9th, and still no luck. The dealership has had the car since last night and they just called to tell us they might get to it today.

Davin put it well, "It shouldn't take 5 days and 2 mechanics to get your hood open."
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