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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm keeping better track of my stuff!

You never know where your random stuff ends up, but apparently some of it surfaces at Found Magazine. They collect up all those cryptic notes, pictures and the other flotsam and jetsam of our busy lives and display it.

Some of these notes need no explanation:

Paul and Olivia-Our doorbell is not a toy, stop ringing it or I'll have to call your parents.
This one makes you wonder if the author is OK:

Watch what you say Jon has had this whole house bugged from the get go-i saw and heard the equipment. More Later!
This note, written on some sort of cartoonish zoo stationery, actually sort of freaks me out. You hope for the parents' sake that the neighbor's mistaken, but then you don't want to wish a paranoid neighbor on anyone, either... It simply says:
To the parent(s) of the girl who live on the 2nd floor. Please come next door to 44 Taft 1st Fl + ring the doorbell, I need to discuss your daughter's advances toward my husband.
I wish I'd been a fly on the wall when they got THAT note...

Go check the rest of it out!

I want to be fly on the wall for the last one as well.
What a great site. Kinda disturbing though.

My first thought about the girl making advances was that she's been sexually abused. So I'll stay out of that one.
Ewww, that could be, too. I hope it all turned out well in the end...
This one is awesome!
That *IS* cool, Susan! Way better than waking up without your kidneys or something. :-D
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