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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kung Fu Science

One of the things Davin brought to our marriage was an enjoyment of the martial arts and martial arts movies. So, over the years I've learned to appreciate them as well. While having no where near an encyclopedic knowledge of them, we've seen more than the average observer, and they're usually pretty enjoyable when you're in the right mindset.

So, when I surfed across Kung Fu Science, I couldn't help but get excited! It's a dream come true for a science nerd/martial arts fan family!

This website was created when Michelle, a physics student, determines she'd like to see if she can break boards like the Kung Fu Masters. She goes to Chris, a black belt who's trained all over Asia, to learn how. But, instead of just hacking away at a bunch of boards, she sits down and determines first through physics calculations and speed trials, whether she is even theoretically capable of such a feat.

It's an entertaining trip through Chris' demonstrations, and Michelle's calculations to the end (which I won't give away), enjoy!

Thanks for the link. My kids and I will check it out.
I suppose you seen the movie: Kung Fu Hustle.
We LOVE it!
I haven't seen it yet, still catching up on my zombie movies! It's good to know you liked it, I'll have to put it on my queue.
That's pretty cool. I want to try it, but they said I can't do it at home. :( How do they know??
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