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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Proof of Life

Here we are outside the Argo tunnel, after having traversed the entire Double Eagle Mine:

ARGO-L-G at Arog Tunnel

Renee said in the comments of the earlier post, "LOL! She wanted to go...I promise. She just likes to think these kind of thoughts." It's true! I don't know what it is, I don't get sad or panicky at all, I just picture all sorts of destruction and devastation whenever the opportunity arises. So, if we're going to a mine of course I assume that the mine is eventually going to may well be today. Just in case I'm letting you all know that's why I quit blogging.

I also routinely give my husband instructions on what to do if I die. Not big things, I think everyone does that. Stuff like, "Oh hey, if I die today, you should know that I have steaks marinading and you should eat them tomorrow for dinner." Maybe I should lay off the CSI?

Haha! I just remind my husband every so often of what song I want played at my funeral. ("Nothern Sky" by Nick Drake.)
Thanks for quoting me! I feel so special! :D

I was just trying to figure if it would have been possible for us all to evacuate the mine if there had been an earthquake and I'm thinking no. We had wayyy too many people crammed in there and with all the little ones going "quack quack quack" we wudda all been gonners! Not quite as dramatic as the greedy guys who flooded the town though.

Glad that didn't happen.
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